söndag 2 oktober 2016

Season 2016

My Flyfishing season 2016 in pictures

Brown Sculpin

A nice Trout!

The small rainbowrtrout just hammerd the streamer.

Rainbowtrout on dry!.

The backwoodtrouts really love those articulated streamers

Nice colors on this one.

Some of the articuladed streamers I have tied this season. 

A nice grayling from the river Vindeln

Night shift

Artic char on dry, my personal best! Svergoträsk, Sorsele.

Mr Laggar with a +50cm Grayling. River Vindeln, Ammarnäs.

Mr Rexefjord with a +50cm Grayling. River Vindeln, Ammarnäs

Mr Eriksson with a Really nice trout 80cm(5-6kg) River Vindeln, Ammarnäs.

A small trout with a articuladed meat

Mr Heikkinen with a +50cm Grayling, River Vindeln, Ammarnäs

The Perch liked my jigflies.

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